August 28

100 Seterus Complaint Rules of Acquisition

100 Seterus Complaints Rule of Acquisition

1.  Do  not panic

2. You are not alone

3.  Ask for a copy of your escrow account prior to the transfer of your loan.

4.  Never ask for a modification with Seterus without  help from an attorney.

5.  Seterus  must provide you  phone service.

6.  One cannot get through to Seterus  file a complaint click here

7.   Start an online diary.

8.  Each time you talk to Seterus do a diary entry.

9.  Everything that Seterus tells you on the phone consider it wrong.

10. Seterus customer service may  know very little or nothing about the law that  apply  to your loan .

11.  Be sure prior to your loan being transferred to Seterus that it is up to date.

12.  Always pay your bills using a certified  bank check.

13.  Open separate bank account and use it alone for making payments to  Seterus.

14.  Never give out your primary banking account information to Seterus.

15.  Use two banking institutions one for your personal banking the other  to make mortgage payments to Seterus..

16.  One  bank  account should only be used to pay your Seterus mortgage and nothing else.

17. Never link your primary checking account with Seterus  checking account.

18. Never use Western Union to pay your mortgage with Seterus.

19. Never agree to have payments withdrawn automatically from your account.

20.  Always include a letter with  your certified bank  check include  the date, the amount and loan number.

21.  Send all correspondence  over night and keep track of each payment.

22.  Making Payments be sure to use the address for overnight payments.

23.  Scan and keep all of your Seterus records inside your computer.

24.  Be prepared that in sixty days your escrow account will increase.

25.  You will need to make larger loan payments to meet your new escrow balance.

26.  Know that Seterus makes money by increasing your escrow payments.

27   Always ask Seterus how they came up with your new escrow amount.

28. Hire  us or someone else  to review your escrow balance.

29.  Seterus makes money by charging late fees

30.  Late fees are determined by the state and your mortgage agreement.

31. Ask  Seterus how late fees are determined ask to see it in writing.

32.   Call Seterus in the morning not in the afternoon.

33. Write down what you want to say Seterus prior to calling.

34.  Know everything you say on the phone is being recorded.

35. Know  what you say on the phone may be used against you.

36. Remember you do not have to answer Seterus Questions.

37. When asked why your loan fell behind say you prefer not to answer.

38.  When possible write letters instead of making phone calls.

39 . Get the full name of the person and location you talk to on the phone.

40.  Write the time down when the call is placed prior to making the call.

41. Write the time the call ended

42. After each call made to Seterus  write what was said in your diary.

43.  At the end of  each call Seterus will ask you  for a summary of the call.

44.  When asked if the summary is correct  say you are not sure and hang up the phone..

45.  Never  get angry stay calm

46.  Remember the Golden Rule

47.   Look at having us  make your mortgage payments for you.

48.  You send us the certified check and we  sent it to Seterus.

49.  The person you hire  job will be to be sure your account was credited.

50. A third party who knows you paid your mortgage is very helpful.

51. Having a third party send your payments means no worries.

52. The company  you choose can testify that they sent your check to Seterus

53.  Seterus is going to do whatever they can to make money on your loan.

54.  Never stop making payments on your mortgage to get a modification.

55.   Documents sent to Seterus for modification are at times  lost .

56.  You may wait up to year with Seterus  to be considered for modification.

57.  Modifications can be turned down for any reason.

58. The reason for your loan not being approved  is at times a lie.

59. There  are no set rules for modification no matter what anyone tells you.

60. All modifications are unique in nature.

61. Failure to get a modification means all past payments  are due.

62.  Seterus does not care if you loose your home  read complaints.

63.  Your home was sold to Seterus has nothing to do with your credit history.

64.   Read and become familiar with complaints online

65.  Make friends of  with others who have Seterus loans

66.  Check to see payments made to Seterus where credited.

67.   Wait no longer then a week to see payments have been credited.

68.  When a payment  is not credited ask if your e payment was credited to your loan principle.

69.  Yes, ask to have money moved from principle and applied as a payment.

70.  Ask for how long will it take to apply the money as payment this  should be immediate.

71   Write down the date the money will be applied in you diary .

72.  Write the first and last name of the person and location  who gave you  the information

73.  File a complaint click here. explain you made a payment and that it was not credited.

74. All lost payments  you should notify your bank immediately.

75. Familiarize yourself with Banking Laws

76. Familiarize yourself with debt collector laws in your state

77. Know the difference between banking laws and service providers laws.

78. Read and become familiar with RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act)

79. Check to see if  Seterus is licensed in your state.

80.  Be sure to read all Terms and Your Rights and Licenses on Seterus

81.  File a complaint on all complaint boards about your experience.

82.. Submit a video about  to Seterus Complaint on Youtube.

83. Add a personal video on the Seterus Complaint Roku Channel

84.  Procedures exist to transfer your loan from one service provider to the next.

85. Ask us to review your loan  and that your loan  was transferred correctly.

86.  Know if you do a short sale and it is your primary resident you will have to pay taxes on the difference.

87   Hire an attorney to represent you for a short sale.

88.  Seterus bounces your tax check file a complaint with the banking commission of your state

89.  Check with your tax authority as to the amount you owe in taxes.

90.  Check with your insurance company as to how much you owe in insurance.

91.  In the event the  taxes and insurance are wrong then  send a letter to Seterus.

92.  Be sure escrow money from previous provider is transferred to Seterus

93   All service providers require that you have a cushion in your escrow account

94.   Ask Seterus how much your cushion is and how it  determined

95.  Asked for one lump sum for the tax and insurance ask to make payments to catch up.

96.  When denied a payment plan to catch up cushion call us we can help.

97.   Always ask when making a payment if the payment includes  any late fees or other charges.

98,   When you three months behind in your mortgage Seterus  start foreclosure procedures.

99 .  Whenever possible do not fall three months behind in your mortgage.

100.  Figure out how much your payment is each day each month and the entire  year.


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