September 23

September 23, 2014

Yesterday, in the mail I received a package from Seterus that I was late on my payment. they planned to foreclose on my home.   I had sent them my payment for August by certified check.

I have all the paper work and will attempt to call them to find out what happened to my payment.  I am not happy with Seterus. In the event my loan is not credited  I will be filing a complaint with the consumer financial protection bureau.I will also be sending a letter to the government agency that handles  my loan. We will just have to see what happens. I will keep you posted.

It is 8:47 August 23, 2014, in the morning and I spoke with Seterus they received the payment I sent them last week. The women asked why I had fallen behind and I expressed that I was not going to tell her as she was debt collector. I informed her that I was aware that whatever I told her would be used against me.

The women I was speaking to proceeded to  hang up the phone. The women also said that Seterus had programs to help people who making mortgage payments.  I expressed to her that I was not interest in her programs.  I would urge you to stay away from any and all programs with Seterus . Stay away from calling Seterus and send all payments over night to them . Be sure the payment is sent to the address for overnight payments.

9:45 I spoke with Tammy Cannady from Seterus.  I asked to be put on there do not call list. Tammy put me on the do not call list.  It was explained that when applying payments to late fees and other expenses must be sent to Seterus Correspondences Fax number -877-371-7799. Extra money is always applied to outstanding balances.  Tammy  told  Seterus does not buy and sell loans. I was also told that when there is an outstanding balance that on the 2nd of each month Seterus phone system starts dialing peoples home to see where the payment is and why it has not been made.  The call ended 10:13 AM.



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