September 22

September 22 2014

I called Seterus on or about 9AM.  The person I spoke to said they where having trouble with their computer and that I should call back to see what happened with my payment. The last time I called in I was told they where having trouble with the phone system and to call back.. . I called right back and received recording that they where closed.  I will call back in a little while to see if they are open for business. 9:51 Seterus is still closed. 10:34 I was able to talk to Seterus o the phone.

I spoke with Allison Cooper  she is checking to see if loan is received. I was told payment had not been received. Allison is making a call to see why payment  has not been posted as of yet. I was told by Allison that if you use a third party an attorney customer service can no longer speak to me and can only speak to my attorney. 10:50 Allison put me on hold to see what happened with my payment.  Waiting for her to return to the line no music nothing.  I was disconnected.

I  called back spoke with Keyara Barnes 10:58   Keyara told me the amount was owed for August, September, and October. I explained I mailed a payment for August on September 18,2014.  I also said I spoke with someone on the 17th of September and I was making a payment on September 18th, 2014. 11:05 Keyara is seeing if she can find out if someone is available with regards to payment.  Keyara said that Los Angeles does not open till noon Eastern Standard. Keyara said that you a close at 8PM Eastern Standard Time I should call back then to check the status. I was also informed that the payment should post today or tomorrow at the latest.





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