September 15

Diary September 15

I have spoke to many people whose loans were at one point part with First Franklin then Residential Credit Solution and know Seterus. Has your loan  followed this path?  Yes, then please call me and let me know?

Also, I would like for you to know that the people I have spoken to have not received a welcome package and are two months behind in payments. All wish to make  an August  and September payments but cannot because Seterus has refused to speak to anyone on the phone.

RESPA guidelines are that  anyone who has a loan transferred be allowed to go ahead and speak with customers service .  It is awful that people who want to make payments on their mortgage  because Seterus refuses to board their loans.

My suggestion if this is happening to you is that you call the Consumer Protection Bureau and file a complaint. The phone number is 855-411-2372

In the event  you decided to send Seterus a payment be sure to visit Setrus Contact Page   choose the state and send your payments overnight registered mail return to receipt requested to the payment address.

Be sure that any checks you to Seterus are certified.

You may also want to to contact the government agency that has your loan and send them a certified letter letting them know that you wish to make payment but are not able because Seterus refuses to board your loan. You might also elect to send them a copy of the certified check you sent to them.

I  am not a lawyer and what you are reading is j my personal journal. What you decided to do with this information is up to you and I make no warranties of any kind as to its accuracy.

Kindest Regards,

Charles Pisano.










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