September 6

Seterus Roku Channel

Upcoming Future Service 

We are plnning to build a Roku channel wtih people who have had problem with Seterus.  Yiou will be able to listen and hear as we read   the complaints of people who have had problems with Seterus on TV.

The purpose of the channel will be to provide information and to let you know that you are not alone. Furthermore , to give people the option instead of you calling and trying to deal with Seterus a team of exports will deal with Seterus on your behalf directly.

No longer will you need to feel abused by Seterus.  The cost to have us forward your payments to  Seterus  will be $2000 a year and be paid up front and will include 12 monhly  certified check payments to Seterus. You will send us your certified check and we will forward it Seterus. You will also have the option to have us look at your Escrow account to be sure that the Escrow account is correct.

This will be a seperate service all together.  Unlike Seterus the purpose of the service will be to keep you in a home and have it setup so thtat ou do not need to deal with Setrus going forward.


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