September 24

September 24, 2014

Today is September 24, 2014. Seterus has posted to my account August payment. I have decided the best thing to do is to go going forward is to send certified checks. It took Seterus six days for them to get the check and post it. I guess that is not to bad.  I do not like calling them on the phone. You never know who you will speak to on the phone.  We will mailing payment in October and I will keep you posted.


September 23

September 23, 2014

Yesterday, in the mail I received a package from Seterus that I was late on my payment. they planned to foreclose on my home.   I had sent them my payment for August by certified check.

I have all the paper work and will attempt to call them to find out what happened to my payment.  I am not happy with Seterus. In the event my loan is not credited  I will be filing a complaint with the consumer financial protection bureau.I will also be sending a letter to the government agency that handles  my loan. We will just have to see what happens. I will keep you posted.

It is 8:47 August 23, 2014, in the morning and I spoke with Seterus they received the payment I sent them last week. The women asked why I had fallen behind and I expressed that I was not going to tell her as she was debt collector. I informed her that I was aware that whatever I told her would be used against me.

The women I was speaking to proceeded to  hang up the phone. The women also said that Seterus had programs to help people who making mortgage payments.  I expressed to her that I was not interest in her programs.  I would urge you to stay away from any and all programs with Seterus . Stay away from calling Seterus and send all payments over night to them . Be sure the payment is sent to the address for overnight payments.

9:45 I spoke with Tammy Cannady from Seterus.  I asked to be put on there do not call list. Tammy put me on the do not call list.  It was explained that when applying payments to late fees and other expenses must be sent to Seterus Correspondences Fax number -877-371-7799. Extra money is always applied to outstanding balances.  Tammy  told  Seterus does not buy and sell loans. I was also told that when there is an outstanding balance that on the 2nd of each month Seterus phone system starts dialing peoples home to see where the payment is and why it has not been made.  The call ended 10:13 AM.



September 22

September 22 2014

I called Seterus on or about 9AM.  The person I spoke to said they where having trouble with their computer and that I should call back to see what happened with my payment. The last time I called in I was told they where having trouble with the phone system and to call back.. . I called right back and received recording that they where closed.  I will call back in a little while to see if they are open for business. 9:51 Seterus is still closed. 10:34 I was able to talk to Seterus o the phone.

I spoke with Allison Cooper  she is checking to see if loan is received. I was told payment had not been received. Allison is making a call to see why payment  has not been posted as of yet. I was told by Allison that if you use a third party an attorney customer service can no longer speak to me and can only speak to my attorney. 10:50 Allison put me on hold to see what happened with my payment.  Waiting for her to return to the line no music nothing.  I was disconnected.

I  called back spoke with Keyara Barnes 10:58   Keyara told me the amount was owed for August, September, and October. I explained I mailed a payment for August on September 18,2014.  I also said I spoke with someone on the 17th of September and I was making a payment on September 18th, 2014. 11:05 Keyara is seeing if she can find out if someone is available with regards to payment.  Keyara said that Los Angeles does not open till noon Eastern Standard. Keyara said that you a close at 8PM Eastern Standard Time I should call back then to check the status. I was also informed that the payment should post today or tomorrow at the latest.





September 20

Diary September 20

Today, went online to Seterus to  see if my payment had been processed. My loan has not been processed.  I attempted to call and was told to call back because of  phone problems.  It was about 1:58 in the afternoon when I called them. I  will call back on Monday to see if the loan has been processed or not. I  am hopeful that Seterus will have processed my payment no letter then August 21, 2014.




September 20

Diary September 18

Today,  I mail my mortgage payment to Seterus. I mail the payment overnight.  My payment should have

bee received by Seterus August 19,2014.  Payment was mailed to Seterus address at:

Seterus, Inc. (Box 54420)
1200 West 7th Street
Suite L2-200
Los Angeles, CA 90017

We will know just need to wait and see what happens.



September 15

Diary September 15

I have spoke to many people whose loans were at one point part with First Franklin then Residential Credit Solution and know Seterus. Has your loan  followed this path?  Yes, then please call me and let me know?

Also, I would like for you to know that the people I have spoken to have not received a welcome package and are two months behind in payments. All wish to make  an August  and September payments but cannot because Seterus has refused to speak to anyone on the phone.

RESPA guidelines are that  anyone who has a loan transferred be allowed to go ahead and speak with customers service .  It is awful that people who want to make payments on their mortgage  because Seterus refuses to board their loans.

My suggestion if this is happening to you is that you call the Consumer Protection Bureau and file a complaint. The phone number is 855-411-2372

In the event  you decided to send Seterus a payment be sure to visit Setrus Contact Page   choose the state and send your payments overnight registered mail return to receipt requested to the payment address.

Be sure that any checks you to Seterus are certified.

You may also want to to contact the government agency that has your loan and send them a certified letter letting them know that you wish to make payment but are not able because Seterus refuses to board your loan. You might also elect to send them a copy of the certified check you sent to them.

I  am not a lawyer and what you are reading is j my personal journal. What you decided to do with this information is up to you and I make no warranties of any kind as to its accuracy.

Kindest Regards,

Charles Pisano.










September 6

Seterus Roku Channel

Upcoming Future Service 

We are plnning to build a Roku channel wtih people who have had problem with Seterus.  Yiou will be able to listen and hear as we read   the complaints of people who have had problems with Seterus on TV.

The purpose of the channel will be to provide information and to let you know that you are not alone. Furthermore , to give people the option instead of you calling and trying to deal with Seterus a team of exports will deal with Seterus on your behalf directly.

No longer will you need to feel abused by Seterus.  The cost to have us forward your payments to  Seterus  will be $2000 a year and be paid up front and will include 12 monhly  certified check payments to Seterus. You will send us your certified check and we will forward it Seterus. You will also have the option to have us look at your Escrow account to be sure that the Escrow account is correct.

This will be a seperate service all together.  Unlike Seterus the purpose of the service will be to keep you in a home and have it setup so thtat ou do not need to deal with Setrus going forward.


September 6

Diary August 4

I called Seterus ths morning. I  spoke with someone who had me repeat my social security number five times. It took sometime I was finally told that I would need to call back on Agusut 15, 2014 when my acount was avaliable in their computer systerm. I called Residential credit solution for a coy of my Escrow account and payment history. I was told that it all hade been deleted from the system and I would need to call Seterus. I am sending on August 5 Residential Credit and Sterus a letter asking for my Escrow Account and payment history.  Both Residential and Seterus will then have 30 days as to respond with the informaiton. I believe it is a good idea that everyone keep a diary as when they talk to Seterus.

September 5

Seterus Youtube

The channel Setrus Complaints is now up and running on youtube.  Please visit  Seterus Complaints on Youtube today.  Please tell us your experience with Seterus. We hope to have 100 stories on youtube very soon. It is important that your story is heard and the world knows what has happened to you.  We are also in the process of creting a Roku Channel as well so that both local state and government officials from the comfort of their own homes may  listen to the thousands of compliants of poor Americans whose homes have been victimized by Seterus.